President’s Message

It was a busy, productive, exciting, and fun year.¬† We started the year with the September Membership Luncheon, giving us all a chance to reconnect after the summer break. We learned all about the ballot initiatives in October, and then had a fun and fruitful fundraiser for scholarships at the Movie Grill, with absolutely wonderful baskets made by our interest groups. We had a fun holiday party, a fun and successful day of games for our AAUW Funds, and a very interesting and eyeopening¬† VGIF fundraiser. Then we had fun at the Author’s Luncheon with myster writer John Lescroart. And don’t forget the fabulous wine tasting tour for Tech Trek! Wow! We did have a lot of fun this year!

I am hoping that we also learned a lot about AAUW Public Policy, because we have so very much work to do to safeguard women’s equity issues, such as pay equity and Title IX. As our May speakers –¬† lobbyists Shannon Smith-Crowley and Alicia Lewis pointed out, we are still talking about pay equity, child care, equal rights, and campus safety in 2017! These concerns have not been solved. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. In fact, I think we did just that! We have a wonderful group of caring, enthusiastic, well educated women striving to support all women and girls everywhere.

Thank you all for your hard work, time and financial support. Without all of YOU we could not accomplish our goal of Changing the Climate for Women and Girls, and this is what AAUW is all about!

Thank you all for choosing me to be your president and giving me the chance to guide our branch through the exciting times ahead.

PJ MIssman, President

June 2017