President’s Message

Hello to all my fellow AAUW CHAR members. I hope you all had a good summer, with time to do things that are fun and interesting, and also managing¬† some time to relax and enjoy the warm summer days. I have managed to spend time both lounging poolside and thinking about AAUW and what the new year holds for us. I want to thank the new members of our board for stepping up and taking on new tasks! And, I want to thank the experienced members of our board for staying the course and lending us their expertise and talent in so many needed areas. Our branch can’t function without all that experience and energy. And, speaking of experience and energy, I want to say thank you to the many who have been on the board in the past, giving so much of yourselves for what AAUW is doing to advance equity for women and girls.

My vision for AAUW Citrus Heights American River Branch this year is that we grow in POWER, STRENGTH, and ACTION.

We need to show our POWER in our community by working to help local women fulfill their dreams of getting an education, having a career of their choice, and earning equal and just pay.

We need to show our STRENGTH by showing up at our meetings and fundraisers so that we can be proud of our branch and all the work our members do. We need to show up at our State Capitol to advocate for and support AAUW Public Policies – which include Title IX issues, pay equity, and child care and women’s health issues.

We need to show ACTION by sending our local girls to Tech Trek, by supporting our local scholarships, and by working hard for AAUW Funds.

POWER is what makes us stand up for what we believe in and makes us visible in our community.

STRENGTH is in numbers and membership and shows how much we care about each other as women.

ACTION occurs when we all stand up and support our local women and causes.

Let’s spend a few moments thinking about why we belong to AAUW and what it means to us. When we think of AAUW WOMEN let’s think of POWER, STRENGTH, AND ACTION!

PJ MIssman, President

September 2017