Presidents’ Message

PresidentsMessageFrom Joyce Farruggia and Mary Duval
American Association of University Women of Citrus Heights – American River (AAUW CHAR)

In preparing for the role of co-presidents, we came to one conclusion.  The only way to be a successful organization, in all areas of our mission, is to encourage PARTICIPATION.  The strength of AAUW is in the power of it’s people.  Let’s work together on the goals for 2014 – 2015.

Plan for success.

Shared leadership and participation:  We want to get as many members as possible involved in branch planning and execution. We will need volunteers to bake goodies for meetings, to write thank you notes to donors, to come up with ideas for increasing membership, to make new members feel very special and very welcome, to chair interest groups, to work with our Tech Teck team to keep the program running…. You get the picture, now resolve to get involved.  We all have busy lives, we all enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends,  but we are intelligent and educated women with gifts to share. We can figure out a way to do our fair share.

Increase our membership and make a special effort to reach out to some groups we have missed. We are all recruiters for the branchInvite your friends to join. They will appreciate the invitation.  You may have noticed our young photographer at the May meeting. She’s one of our new members for 2014-15. A couple of other young working women will soon be joining us as well. This is the time for those of us with daughters or daughters-in-law to bring them in. It’s a mom and daughter year.  She will find other women of her age and interests.

Pride in AAUW – Polish your AAUW pins, ladies. We want everyone to shine with pride at being a member of this wonderful organization. Let your friends and neighbors know we are women who care about equity for women in salaries, equal opportunities for advancement in the work place, equal opportunities for girls and women to reach their full potentials in education.

We all are accustomed to saying we belong to AAUW but do people know what that stands for?  Maybe we need to tell people we are members of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN. Let them know who we are.

The word for next year is sharing.  It takes time, inspiration and planning to have a great year.  The way to make CHAR fun and rewarding for everyone is to share the assignments and responsibilities.  We hope this year that everyone will step up to the plate. Don’t wait for someone else to do it all.